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Featured Interview(s)

Ady, Merrill S. (1895)

China Missionaries Project

In this interview, he gives an account of his experiences in the area. Ady describes the influence of Christianity in a revolutionary period in which the area became more urbanized, secularized, nationalized, and finally, communized. Ady points out political and economic factors at work in this area of China during this period.
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Sinclair, Upton (1878-1968)

Comments about the writing of these novels: Manassas, The Jungle, The Brass Check, Oil!, Boston, The Metropolis, Sylvia, The Flivver King, the Lanny Budd Series. Discusses the muckrakers, the establishment of the Intercollegiate Socialistic Society, his relations with the Socialist Party, and the EPIC (End Poverty in California) campaign in 1934.
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About the Oral History Program

This Online Catalogue encompasses all interviews currently deposited in the Claremont Graduate University Oral History Collection.

All interview transcripts are available through the History Department at Claremont Graduate University and are filed both in the Oral History Office as well as in Special Collections at Honnold–Mudd Library.

The Claremont Graduate University Oral History Program was inaugurated in January of 1962 to collect research material by conducting interviews with persons whose life experiences merited preservation. Allan Nevins, founder of the Columbia University Oral History Research Office, served as consultant to the program. For More About Our Program

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